I Smell Bacon

The prolific actor is a lot closer to you than you think


Based on the theory of six degrees of separation, which suggests that any two people on the planet can be linked by six acquaintances or fewer, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is an entertainment trivia version that attempts to connect the prolific actor to others through movies they've appeared in (who remembers Bacon from "Animal House" or "Friday the 13th"?).

Being the celebrity stalker that I am, I wondered if there are any locals who could be connected to Bacon in only six steps. Turns out, there are a number of people right here in River City who could pick up a phone, call someone, who could call someone, who could call someone, who could call someone, who could possibly get the Baconator on the phone. Some, like actor Ashley Greene of "Twilight" fame, are no brainers, but others, including a politician, "sandwich king," radio show host and college president, are just as connected.

As of yet, I haven't figured out a way to link myself and Bacon, but the whole premise does give me hope that Edward Norton, Alex O'Loughlin and Jimmy Fallon are mere phone calls away.

To see which local folks are Six Degrees of Separation From Kevin Bacon, check out the photo gallery above.

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