Find That Genius!


Beijing Genomics Institute scientists are closing 
in on a technology to allow parents to choose, from several embryos, one most likely to yield the smartest offspring. London's Daily Mail (in January, referencing recent work in Wired, The Wall Street Journal and The New Yorker) explained that BGI will have identified high-potential mathematics genes (by mapping cells of geniuses) so researchers can search for those among a couple's array of embryos. Most embryos will yield gene arrays resembling their parents', but one embryo is likely "better" — 
maybe much better. One Chinese researcher acknowledged the work's "controversial" nature, 
"especially in the West," but added, "That's not the case in China." The parental price tag on finding the smartest kid? Expensive, said a supporter, but less than upgrading an average kid via Harvard, or even a private prep school.

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