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The most dangerous place in Jacksonville is the Duval County Courthouse. It is filled with dishonest lawyers, judges, and elected officials. The justice system is nothing more than a tool, it is used by the wealthy people in the city to punish the citizens who do not conform to their way of thinking. If you ever get tangled up with the legal system in Jacksonville, you will have a clear vision of where the most serious crimes take place. The Duval County Courthouse.

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@asigm001 You said: Is this really what we want as a civilized society? Do we want to allow society to be overflowing with guns? Which right is more important ? The right to own a gun or the right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I say it is time to make a choice. We cannot have both.

I say we can have both. It's up to the government not me to keep guns out of the hands of criminals so blame them! It's not my job to try and make everyone happy around me either. My rights are just as important to me as they are to everyone else, and I have a lawful right to own all the guns that I do. I am not a criminal but just a responsible gun owner. You make a conscious choice in your life to either be a gun owner or not to be a gun owner. But if your choice is to not be a gun owner than don't. But understand that is "YOUR" choice not mine. I will not be told that I cannot own a gun because its just not socially acceptable in some certain circles.

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I have good news! Apparently, the J.S.O. has now solved all its murder cases, gotten rid of all the drug-dealing in the city, solved all its burglary reports, AND become in control of gangs & the gang violence in Jacksonville, etc.! Officers no longer have anything important to do.

Because now their cars are patrolling Atlantic Blvd. (east of Regency) in search of jaywalkers. Officers are issuing $62.50 tickets to anyone who dares to walk across Atlantic outside of designated cross-walks!

Congratulations to J.S.O. for conquering all the REAL problems of the city! It now gets to spend time ticketing "jaywalkers" who cross the street in the middle of a 2-mile-long "block" to go straight across the street.

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Jacksonville Florida is out of control when it comes to violence. I just had deja vu when one of my employers moved me here (cant wait to leave). I am from Minneapolis (formerly called Murderapolis). We jumped on the violent quickly with increase police force and "shotspotter." You have to be smarter and have better technology than the criminal. I know the mayor is all (lets change the racial profiling and stereotyping). But he goes to far when he reduces the police force and fails to identify what the suspects looks like. And no it is not ok that most of these shooters are just shooting other criminals -murder is murder -it needs to stop. We stopped murder in Minneapolis by getting to the scene of the crime faster (shotspotter) and getting the shooters. Our police was increased police force, and increased pressure on shooters. The welfare moms stayed in Minnesota and their kids went back to chicago, atlanta, newyork (and probably Jacksonville Fl) without mom just to get away from the police. Problem solved.

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I did a quick count of what the cause of the murders were in this article. I found that a gun was used in 66% of these murders. In most cases, except for the police shootings and two home invasions, people used a gun to kill another person not to mention seriously injure others, and devastate a family. We know that more gun do NOT reduce crime, deaths or make us safer. The fact is that here in America there are more guns and more gun deaths per capita than any other nation in the world. (see web site below)

Is this really what we want as a civilized society? Do we want to allow society to be overflowing with guns? Which right is more important ? The right to own a gun or the right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I say it is time to make a choice. We cannot have both.



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Jacksonville is one of the deadliest on the roads. We are so distracted and anxiously hurried in this "big" town of ours that folks are getting killed or seriously injured everyday in traffic accidents! I have seen some of the worst care accidents in the past few weeks than I have ever seen in my 27 years living here; all in my three mile commute to work. Attorneys must be having a field day!

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Hard to say.

Looked through these 50 homicides. A few were justified, homeowner shooting a burglar, police officer shooting a suspect, person defending themselves. Most of the rest were the result of arguments between individuals that knew each other.

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I live at the beach. Lots of racists live at the beach, because there are so few other types of people at the beach. We have lots of wealthy people here now as visitors. Many speak Portuguese. You should see the looks those people get, like they come here specifically to increase the murder rate in Duval County.

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