Do You Love Carbs?

This place has bagels and more to satisfy your cravings

The Cali Love is a filling breakfast sandwich: egg, tomato, sprouts, avocado and your choice of cream cheese on a toasted bagel. 
Caron Streibich
The roast beef sandwich on your choice of bread (ask for it to be toasted so it keeps your sandwich contents from spilling) makes a filling lunch.
Caron Streibich
Bagel Love is generous when applying your choice of flavors of homemade cream cheese. The veggie cream cheese is creamy and flecked with chopped vegetables. Try it on a toasted jalapeño bagel.
Caron Streibich
The bagels are dense and chewy and best enjoyed fresh. Opt for a bagel sandwich or spread it with one of 12 cream cheese flavors.
Caron Streibich
Near Avondale and Ortega, Bagel Love recently received a fresh coat of yellow paint, making it easy to locate.
Caron Streibich
When fully stocked (early in the day), there are upwards of 20 varieties of bagels. Come later in the day and you risk a limited selection, especially on the weekend.
Caron Streibich
The Cali Love is a filling breakfast sandwich: egg, tomato, sprouts, avocado and your choice of cream cheese on a toasted bagel. 
Caron Streibich

4114 Herschel St., Ste. 121, Westside


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Bagel Love has proved to be a popular go-to for carb-lovers. Seven days a week, the crew rises early to prepare breakfast and lunch items.

Early in the day, there are upwards of 20 varieties of bagels in both savory and sweet options like whole-grain everything, asiago, jalapeno, sun-dried tomato, poppy, salt, cinnamon crunch, blueberry and sesame. Dense and chewy, the bagels are best enjoyed fresh. Popular flavors sell out quickly, especially on the weekend.

No matter which of the 12 cream cheese flavors you pick, Bagel Love slathers it on generously. Personal favorites include the slightly spicy jalapeño, horseradish bacon and garden veggie, which is loaded with chopped vegetables.

Not into cream cheese? The bagel sandwiches are piled high. I'm full until mid-afternoon after downing a Cali Love (bagel or bread, choice of cream cheese, egg, avocado, tomato and sprouts) for breakfast. And the Spinshroomagus (say that five times fast), complete with egg, spinach, mushroom, asparagus and melted Swiss on a bagel, bread or wrap, is a tasty, veggie-packed way to start your day. There's even a pizza bagel, which I think is an acceptable way to sneak pizza into your morning routine. Or you can concoct your own sandwich.

While I'm not usually a sweets-for-breakfast type, the fluffy baked muffins in mouthwatering flavors like blueberry with 
a sugar-crumb topping, strawberry cheesecake, banana and chocolate chip, tempt me every visit.

If you enjoy iced coffee, the ice cubes here are made from coffee, so no watered-down java drinks. Also tasty is the dessert-like java chip blended iced coffee beverage, flecked with chocolate chips. There's fresh-squeezed orange juice and lemonade, too.

Bagel Love offers creative specials, like a red velvet bagel with honey vanilla cream cheese, fried bologna sandwich with lettuce and tomato, wedges of calamondin cake and an Asian ginger chicken wrap. Also gracing the menu daily (for those carb-conscious diners) are several salads topped with homemade dressings.

The spot is small yet inviting and well-kept. With free WiFi, cheerful colors, ample windows and high ceilings, you may just fall in love (pun intended) and become a regular. When you do, sign up for the text coupons. Money-saving deals will come your way a few times each month. 

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