Hailing simultaneously from deep outer space and backwoods Alabama (good luck getting bars in either), with a sound more reflective of the former, Daikaiju (Japanese for “Giant Monster”) plays mind-bending instrumental surf rock in an original Japanese subculture-inspired package. Band members Secret, Rock, Hands and Rumble Man don not-as-lame-as-Slipknot masks that bring out their animated on-stage personalities. Looking past the band’s many charming oddities, the interdimensional tunes stand on their own. With a spacey guitar reverb effect on perpetual overdrive, the surf rock influence is abundantly clear, but the subtle phrasing of solos and dynamics of this band’s songwriting show a progressive streak. With Round Eye, The Mold, The Crowkeepers and Mount the Stallion. 8 p.m. Aug. 9 at Burro Bar, Downtown, $5.

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