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One Spark creator to launch universal wish list


Does exploring Italy and its culture or getting the new iPhone for a birthday sound temping? With people can make their own personal wish list to share with others.

Co-founded by Raquel Steffens, Bucketwish is a universal wish list being launched this month, where people can create and share their wishes, goals, experiences, achievements and adventures.

People then can share their Bucketwish with family, friends and the Bucketwish community.

“There are so many experiences and things even friends and family don’t know about, because you rarely talk about those things,” Steffens explains, “unless someone specifically ask you about it.”

People can share their wishes on Bucketwish so friends, family or even businesses from the community can grant the wishes. The concept is similar to the crowd-funding that has created One Spark.

“Bucketwish is an online social network, but I would say the difference between Bucketwish when I created it,” Steffens said, “is I wanted to make sure it was a social network that really had a heart to it and a really good purpose.”

After One Spark, Bucketwish will give its crowd funds to the Jacksonville charity Foster Closet. In turn, the nonprofit will use Bucketwish to post both organizational wishes and highlight the wishes of the foster children it helps.

“They help foster kids and families in the foster system with items and support, while they are in the foster system before they grow out of it,” Steffens explained. “What they do is just huge for some of these kids that really have nothing that go from home to home.”

This will be Bucketwish’s first year at One Spark, but it officially opened on March 3.

“Bucketwish is something that goes along with the American dream,” said Steffens.

“Being an American raised in another country, in the United States, you think about the American dream, the land of freedom,” said Steffens, who is from Spain. “That is something that will always resonate firmly in me, not just in me but for others.”

This story was reported by Ignite Media, an independent news bureau created by University of North Florida students.

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