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Creator raising money to research cancer stopping abilities of marijuana


When Andrew Goebel first heard his friend talk about the potential cancer stopping powers of marijuana, his mind started to churn.

Then he conducted his own research. He said he found that marijuana can be a powerful tool for healing and is currently used to treat over 100 illnesses in California, a state that legalized medical marijuana in 1996. He knew he had to get the word out to change the law in Florida.

“I thought of this message that we could put on a shirt and make it marketable and make it really easy to take in and at the same time have a lot of depth and substance behind it,” said Goebel, a junior at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville.

So Goebel teamed up with Shane McLean to create a pro-medical marijuana organization with the slogan “Dabs Cure Cancer.” The goal of Goebel and McLean is to educate people about the potential positive effects of medical marijuana.

So what exactly are Dabs?

“Dabs means extracted concentrated cannabinoids, which are the active chemicals in the cannabis plant,” Goebel said. Dabs is slang term for the extract.

Goebel and McLean’s movement started on the social media site Instagram in August of 2013 with a simple photo of a t-shirt.

“It kinda hit me that if you were to put that [Dabs Cure Cancer] out there and people would see that, it really slaps you in the face and draws you in,” Goebel said.

Now the phrase is splashed across t-shirts and tanks tops and sold online. Goebel says all the money generated from the sale of each $20 t-shirt on goes toward educating and spreading the word on medical marijuana and its use in modern medicne.

McLean says Goebel had the idea, vision and drive, but he something else to offer.

“I instantly saw endless possibilities,” McLean said. “Andrew had the spark, I came in with the business mind.”

Now the group has a trademark pending and is well on its way to becoming a legitimate organization. It’s also one of this year’s creators hoping for funding from One Spark.

The Dabs Cure Cancer crew will be out in full force for One Spark in April.

This story was reported by Ignite Media, an independent news bureau created by University of North Florida students.

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