Chapel Gallery Project

Funding will allow artist to serve orphans, disadvantaged widows, at-risk children through her work


Artist Rosemarie Adcock's passion is helping others. She founded the charity Arts for Relief and Missions after an international touring exhibition of her paintings of Russian refugees in the 1990s raised $1.25 million in donations for Russian orphans. 

ARM is a charitable organization that incorporates the use of arts and music for evangelism locally and abroad. The organization provides humanitarian relief and has aided projects such as Home For Every Orphan and Russian Ministries.

In order to generate extra funding, the Chapel Gallery Project was started as the for-profit sector of ARM. The gallery contains a variety of paintings produced by Adcock. The proceeds from Adcock's paintings support the work of ARM.

"If we're out collecting donations, I'm not painting," Adcock said.

The Chapel Gallery Project entered One Spark hoping to receive funding to allow Adcock to continue her paintings and establish their very own gallery to display the work. A portion of the profits from the gallery would in turn go to serving the needs of orphans, disadvantaged widows, at-risk children and more. 

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