Adobe Creative Suite on More Than One Computer?

Yes, but you're limited to how many you can activate


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Q: I just bought a new Macbook Pro laptop, and I am planning on selling my old laptop. I have Adobe Creative Suite for on my old Mac laptop and I want to move it to my new Mac. Is there anything I need to do to put it on my new laptop or can I just install it?

A: You can go ahead and install it on your new computer, but you ought to deactivate it on your old computer before you sell it. Adobe only lets you activate the software on as many computers as you have paid for; with a single license for Adobe software you may install it on two computers. So, if you do not deactivate it on the first computer and you only have paid for one license, you will not be able to install it on any other computers. Fortunately, if you have already sold your old laptop, there is still a way to deactivate the old computer, but you'll have to contact Adobe.

Here's how to deactivate the software from your old computer if you still have your old computer. First, make sure that your old computer is connected to the Internet. Next, click Help, then Deactivate, and select Deactivate Permanently. That will take care of it. Now you can activate the software on another computer.

If you still have the computer, but you've already uninstalled the software, all you have to do is reinstall it. Then, you'll be able to follow the directions above.

If you don't have your old computer, you'll have to talk to somebody at Adobe. Go to the Adobe website and click the Chat Now button at the bottom to chat with an agent. They'll be able to deactivate the old computer for you.

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