Ultimate Summer Guide


From popsicles to smoothies, we've got you covered


The Hyppo
(St. Augustine)

There’s no cooler way to escape the fury of a scorching sun than downing a nice, cold popsicle before it furiously drips down your chin. It’s a quintessential summer experience. These locally made artisan-crafted pops tout funky gourmet flavors sure to appease all palates – strawberry datil, pineapple cilantro and Riesling pear, to name a few. Grab one and stick to the shaded areas throughout the historic district of St. Augustine.

Native Sun (Southside, Mandarin)
Raw Tropijito Smoothie

What could be better than a little taste of the tropics? This flavorful, hydrating smoothie packs fresh mint, pineapple, mango and lime, along with agave nectar for a little kick of sweetness. The combination of mint and lime really sets this drink apart. Grab a 16-ounce to go and sip it happily by the pool or in the park.

Zesty India
Mango Lassi

The composition of this popular not-quite-milkshake-but-thicker-than-milk beverage closely resembles the texture of a lighter smoothie. Originating in South Asia, it’s a silky blend of yogurt, milk and mango that’s topped with a dash of ground cardamom. Lassis often have a hint of saltiness that offsets the sweetness. If you don’t care for mango, Zesty offers a strawberry variety that should do the trick.

(San Marco, Avondale)
A-Lot-A-Colada Smoothie

Sometimes you just want a tropical drink with an umbrella in it, but alas, you’re stuck at work. Opt for this luscious concoction – a mix of sweet pineapple chunks, refreshing coconut water, pineapple sorbet and shredded coconut. This tropicalesque smoothie can easily take the place of lunch or be a midday treat. And that’s almost as good as sipping it while chillaxing on the beach. Almost.

Dreamette (Murray Hill, Mandarin)
Dipped Ice Cream Cone

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream – all the time, but especially in summer. Select your soft-serve flavor base – vanilla, chocolate or strawberry – which is then twirled into a handheld cake cone then promptly dipped upside down into the coating of your choice. Butterscotch, toasted coconut, cherry and cake batter are a few of your options. Whatever you fianlly decide to pick, don’t forget to request the complementary drip guard or you may be wearing your cool concoction.

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