Burro Bags ImPACKt Line

Accessories are made of recycle promotional


For the past six years, Jacksonville’s Burro Bags has created messenger bags from billboards but has recently gotten into the cycling industry.

Burro Bags ImPACKt line is made from promotional material, said Meghan Johnson. Every component of the ImPACKt line products, such as the straps and thread, are U.S.-sourced materials.

“We needed something more durable, so we strayed away from billboard and made everything out of a high-grade canvas material called Cordura,” Johnson said.

The ImPACKt project is recycling promotional material, such as banners, signs and tent-toppers, Johnson said.

Most companies throw these products away at the end of their promotions, so Burro Bags take the materials and turns them into something useful like totes, accessories, tablet cases and backpacks, she said.

The ImPACKt Project has worked with The Cummer Museum, MOCA, JEA and the Jacksonville Jazz Festival.

Johnson said companies can take promotional materials from their events and give their employees the recycled Burro Bags products. Or if a company wants to make something out of promotional material and doesn’t have its own, Burro Bags has a large stockpile of promotional banners and other materials that companies like Vans and Volcom have dropped off.

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