Brickbats to Gov. Rick Scott


Brickbats to Gov. Rick Scott for being a little slash-happy with his veto pen. Among the projects he nixed were a $50 million coast-to-coast bike trail; Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown’s $500,000 Learn2Earn program, which gives high school students a look at college life, and $300,000 worth of improvements for the Clay County Courthouse. Scott vetoed about $386 million in spending. The $74.1 billion budget goes into effect July 1.

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Whatever the government provides someone, i.e handouts was stolen from someone else, i.e tax payers. High school students can look at college life by getting off the games and getting online and searching for it for FREE. Back in my day, this was called research. They can also learn about college life, by jumping in their car and driving themselves to college.

Why do tax payers need to shell out money for something that these kids should be doing on their own?

Clay county courthouse needs money? Boo hoo. Tell them to start managing their budget like everyone else has to do. I applaud Rick Scott for cutting the welfare state off. Enough is enough with the hand outs.

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