Brewer’s Pizza/ Pinglehead Brewing

Craft beer tastes great in the glass or in the dough


If you’re in the mood for a pie and pint, pitcher or flight (a tasting of small-sized pours, usually between four and six), Brewer’s Pizza is guaranteed to satisfy. Don’t be fooled by the nondescript appearance of this little strip mall nook co-owned by Troy J. Maas and J. “Mike” Wilson; it not only looks like a prime candidate for Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives,” it tastes like one, too.

Though it might not have been created by (fictional characters) Guido and Mamaw Brewer-Spoonpipe, as the website jokingly claims, the beer-dough crust is not to be missed. Whether it’s under a pizza like the Florida Smacker, around a calzone, or cradling a bread bowl of soup, the crispy, crunchy dough is delectable.

And the beer. Oh, the beer. Brewer’s Pizza carries a selection of 50 bottles and 32 craft brews on tap, including at least 10 in-house creations like its flagship Pinglehead, an imperial red ale so well-balanced you’ll forget it’s teetering on the high-gravity line (until you teeter out to a taxi).

For those who prefer to be personally involved with their beer, once a month is Tuesday Infuseday: An infuser is hooked up to the tap, and customers can choose ingredients to impart flavor into the beer. Hmm … what <> Mind Drive Extreme Porter taste like with a Snickers bar infusion?

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