Can You Make Kindle Stop Syncing?

Sometimes life would be a better if it was a little out of sync


Q: I love that the Kindle holds my furthest location, but my wife and I share one account. That makes things really annoying when she finishes a book when I am just starting it. Is there a way to reset the synchronization, or just turn it off?

A: When you read an eBook on a Kindle ereader or app, Amazon peaks over your shoulder and keeps track of what page you are on. The feature called Whispersync tracks what you are reading so you don't have to find your place. The next time you open your eBook, even if you open your eBook on another device, it will open to the last page you had open when you closed it.

But, if you are sharing an account with someone, and you are both trying to read the same book, it can get pretty irritating. However, it is pretty easy to change it so that it stops doing that, if you know where to find it.

Here’s what you do. Go to on your computer. Then click Your Account > Manage Your Kindle > Manage Your Devices > Manage Kindle Device Synchronization. Now, under the heading Device Synchronization (Whispersync Settings), click Turn Off.

Wait a little while, maybe about 10 minutes.

On your Kindle device or your Kindle app, exit the book and reopen it. Turn to the first page in the book, and try to sync your book to the furthest position. It should say that you are at the furthest position if it worked correctly.

If you want to turn synchronization back on, just go back to and click Turn On under Device Synchronization.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to synchronize or un-synchronize just one of your books. But, as long as you don’t move your position in your books, when you reopen the book after you turn synchronization back on, they will still be at the position and will sync at that position.

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